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Discover how your business is more than just a mere enterprise - it's a living, breathing entity. You brought it to life with your unique vision, giving it a soul, a voice, and a message that speaks to the world.

That's why we've teamed up with some of our dearest colleagues to create an exclusive retreat that will nourish not just the soul of your business, but also empower YOU, the creative visionary and powerhouse extraordinaire behind it all.

We want you to tap into the core of your creativity and vision, and feel supported and nurtured as you unleash your full potential as a business owner. With our wisdom, relevant tools, exercises, inspiration, and collaboration, you'll look forward to experiencing this program again and again!

Our ultimate goal is for you to emerge from this retreat feeling inspired and capable of achieving anything. This empowering experience will not only benefit your business, but also transform your life.

Join us and discover how to breathe new life into your business, nurture its possibilities, and unleash your full potential as a visionary entrepreneur!

“In order to lead, one must be a great servant! 

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The ladies that attend will not only be educated and empowered and I anticipate the women destined to be a part of this will in turn leave a lasting impression with me along with the other dynamic women in attendance.”  


~ Dr. Nakita Nicci ~

Former International Television Personality, Award Winning Journalist,