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Hi! I'm Positively Penny. I offer a wide range of non toxic health and household products- which includes, but not limited to- skincare, dental hygiene (EWG certied for those who care) high quality supplements including enzymes, trebiotics, minerals etc, cleaning products and more. Our award winning and patented liquid collagen is one of my favorites as well as our collagen based weight loss system which actually just helped me lose 2 inches off my waist. My favorite products are the ones that focus around gut health, as that's what I am most passionate about and the one I've seen the biggest changes with. There is scientic research (which was important to me) and the products are all natural and gray water safe.

The best part is everyone will get $10 off from me with their 1st order and they have sales all the time! Not to mention, the more products in your cart, the bigger discount you get AND you can get free shipping! And if you want your products free without joining the biz...hollah!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Penny Shack
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