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Join date: Apr 15, 2021


Hi there!

So great to see you here!

I am a Canadian Financial Entepreneur, Leader & Mentor.

I've been in the indusrty for 6 years and I absolutely LOVE financially changing lives - it's empowering!

I'm a YES kinda of person - I hate to miss out on an oppourtinity and believe in living life to your full potential.

I love to travel, super adventurous, I LOVE dogs, hot weather, red wine, good conversations, learning and supporting the people around me to become their best self.

I believe in;

- Being transparent

- Having integrity is all that you do

- Being courageous

- Standing up for whats right

- Collaboration NOT competition

I'm on a mission to help millennials learn about what that 1%'ers know about how to blow up your wealth!

Lets connect on IG!

Saria Rino

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