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Self-care is the New Health Care

Wouldn’t you agree that your health and wellness are tied to Longevity? Have you wondered about the chemicals/toxins we eat in our everyday consumption? By taking ownership of YOU, and choosing healthier food groups and alternative holistic support, you’re on the right path to a vibrant Lifestyle When exploring the labeling content on packaged goods, you are empowering and educating yourself not to compromise your health standards The value of proper nutrition and exercise is imperative to you & your Family. Let’s take a deeper dive into living a healthier lifestyle because there is a multitude of areas that can affect us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Your social life, education, career, relationships, joy, home environment, home cooking, anxiety, fear, and depression can impact self-care. How are some of these areas affecting your choices of food groups? Do you eat more fried foods and “snack” on unhealthy items because you lack the energy or don’t have time to prepare meals? Are you drinking more “sugary” beverages and less water? You cannot properly hydrate and release any toxins when drinking soda, or any other beverage laced with sugar & high fructose corn syrup. Focus on the Doctors in your Life, as we all probably have one or two that can assist us with our health needs However, there’s a type of Doctor that’s ALL around the United States The name is Dr SERDS I know most of you haven’t heard of this type of Doctor, so allow me to illustrate.

"S" in SERDS stands for SUNLIGHT. That's right, you need to get your Vitamin D naturally from outside.

"E" stands for Exercise. Data and statistics recommend 20-30 minutes a day of exercise/cardio interval training, etc. can reduce weight, burn calories, increase your heart rate/blood flow, and boost energy levels Whether it’s jogging, lifting weights, tennis, swimming, or hiking, your body will appreciate the movement.

"R" stands for Rest. It’s also recommended that we get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Your body (cells/muscles) are healing and recovering as you sleep We are wonderfully made by our Creator and able to heal ourselves. Proper rest curbs brain fog and allow us to start our day refreshed with energy.

"D" stands for Diet. There are a lot of “diets” out there, but I’m referring to what you put on/off your plate. Is your plate colorful with fruits and vegetables? Are you choosing nutrient-dense, high-fiber, protein, low-carb, and limiting fried foods? Are you including wild-caught salmon, and certain meats that are grass-fed, and don’t contain any nitrites or nitrates? Drinking hot tea (green, black, red?) These have powerful antioxidants and health-promoting compounds, primarily from polyphenols-substances found in plants Hibiscus is also a great tea to consume. By choosing healthier foods, and limiting or “crowding out” the “junk” on your plate, you’re giving your body the nutrients and substance it requires for energy and vitality.

"S" stands for Self-Confidence/Esteem! Nothing can stop you when you’re mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically strong. So what goes on or off your plate truly is important to your well-being when choosing to please your palate I truly believe that the three most crucial ingredients to the recipe of your Soul are mindset, diet, and exercise! I’ve briefly touched upon diet and exercise, however, all three are paramount to self-care. It starts and ends with our minds. Whatever we think about we bring about. Set your intentions and speak with a powerful tongue as the Universe is always listening I enjoy using the power of I AM Affirmations with letters from the alphabet to keep me going for self-care. Say them with intention and purpose to allow your mind to conceive and believe Here are some examples:

  • I AM Amazing / I AM Anointed

  • I AM Blessed / I AM Beautiful

  • I AM a Champion | I AM Chosen

  • I AM Dedicated | I AM Delivered

  • I AM Exceedingly Prosperous

My Favorite is I AM Healthy / I AM Healed.

You can customize a variety of words for your personal experiences and enjoyment. Remember health and wellness is a movement and a journey like success, not a destination! Your health is your wealth It’s your time to reset & re-purpose YOU to have fun, be fit, and look and feel fabulous!

Here's to your health, live and be well.

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