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How to Have a Healthy & Fulfilled Life

In my book, Manifesting Kingdom Commerce, I provide insight for Believers, who desire to do business in God’s Way. Entrepreneurship is a journey. When it’s done in alignment with one’s innate and God-given talents, it can lead to a great quality of life.

A person’s mental and physical health is paramount to a long and fulfilling life. When we decide to place a premium on prioritizing and maintaining our health, the possibilities for significant quality of life is increased exponentially. When we are intentional about living our best lives, watching what we eat and drink, taking the necessary mental health breaks, investing in self-care/self-love, and fellowshipping or connecting with those who match our energy and share similar aspirations, it positions us to deliver our very best at home, at work, in business, and in the community.

Being a leader in the industry, a visionary, or a pioneer requires our utmost focus and dedication. The best way to tap into your destined greatness to have it manifest and experience the ultimate quality of life is to accept the responsibility of caring for yourself as often as is necessary. And sometimes this means not even waiting until you feel you need it, but to be strategic, proactive, and preventative by planning for it.

Regrettably, the reality is that adopting a healthy lifestyle is more difficult than living a li

festyle where you are indifferent or reactive; neglecting one's health is simply too effortless.

As mentioned in the latter part of that text, the investment and intentionality of making the choice for superior quality of life pays dividends untold and facilitates Manifested Kingdom Commerce in every area of life.

“Wide is the path that leads to destruction, but narrow is the way that leads to eternal life”. (Matthew 7:13-14 Paraphrased)

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