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22 Powerful Thought-Leaders To Follow for Women's History Month

During Women's History Month, we are excited to honor and showcase some of the most remarkable female business leaders and influential thinkers of our era. These women have inspired and motivated me in various ways and I am eager to introduce you to these pioneers in the entrepreneurial world who serve as motivation to all as they have faced obstacles and made valuable contributions to the world. It's time to applaud their accomplishments and gain insights from their journeys as we work towards empowering and uplifting women in entrepreneurship.

Serial Entrepreneur

JJR Media, Fig Factor Media, Fig Factor Foundation, Latina's in Aviation, Today's Inspired Latina, Today's Inspired Leader, Living the Amazing WordPower

Jacqueline Ruiz is a visionary social entrepreneur that has created an enterprise of inspiration. Her keen sense of service coupled with the vision to bring good to the world has led her to create two successful award-winning companies, two nonprofit organizations, author of 31 books, launched many creative products, and held dozens of events, and published hundreds of inspirational stories around the world.

She is often referred to as a "dream catcher" as her strategies have supported thousands of women authors and young ladies to achieve their life of significance. Jacqueline's quest to be a servant leader extends to every area of her life She has shared her inspiration on four continents and aligned with some of the powerful brands to elevate others At her young age, she has achieved what most would not do in an entire lifetime. Being a cancer survivor sparked a sense of urgency to serve and transcend Jacqueline's belief that Magix (yes, a made-up word that means magic x 10) is the inception of profit and impact.

Jacqueline is one of the very few Latina sports airplane pilots in the United States and the founder of Latinas in Aviation global brand.


"Taking off is optional, landing on your dreams is mandatory." ~ Jacqueline Ruiz

Squats and Margaritas & Blue Butterfly Foundation

Author, Host, and Non-profit Founder

Erin Washington is the Author of Squats and Margaritas-a Journey to Finding Balance (released in 2020) and From Pain to Purpose: Finding Meaning in the Mess (coming May 2023).

Erin hosts the top wellness podcast, Squats and Margaritas and recently founded Blue Butterfly Foundation, which provides mentorship to teen girls who are struggling with body image and self-worth.

Website: &

"If nothing changes, nothing changes." ~ Courtney C. Stevens

Whitney Reynolds Show

Host, Executive Producer, Author

Whitney Reynolds believes in more seats at the table, inspiration in the hard moments, and hope for all. This mindset for unique programming originally bucked the trend when The Whitney Reynolds Show launched in 2012 on PBS. The show's inspirational mission developed from Whit's firsthand experience with a challenging childhood She had the gift to gab & combined that to create a program that flips the script. One that invites the viewers to switch seats and feel seen for exactly where they are.

She is the Executive Producer, Host, and the "Chief Inspo Officer" of the Telly Award-winning and Emmy Nominated Whitney Reynolds Show. Prior to launching her nationally syndicated program, she worked in news for NBC and went on to launch her first talk show on that network Not being owned by the network truly jump-started her entrepreneurial journey. Whit’s business mentor is Melissa Bernstein of Melissa & Doug who like Whitney, also started her business in an extra space in her home, however, it has since grown to a $500 million company.

Whitney’s “safe space” mission, however, doesn’t stop with her TV program Since 2013 she has hosted a motivational “give back” segment on iHeart Radio and in 2021 launched a national iHeart Podcast, Pop and Positivity. She also authored Beyond The Interview and has a column in Cancer Wellness Magazine Over the years Whitney has helped in fundraising over 2 million dollars for local and global charities through her media work. She currently sits on the Advisory Council for Dress For Success and is on the board of The Service Club of Chicago


"If you can’t walk through the front door, find the darn window." ~ Whitney Reynolds

Momentology Media, LLC


Malaika is the CEO of Momentology Media, LLC and creator of The Momentology Method™, an intentional framework for living that she uses to show servant-leading women executives and high performers how to design an impactful career, business, and life Through Momentology Media, LLC she uses Human-Centered Design principles to provide thought leadership, motivational speaking, empathy-based corporate training, and executive coaching services helping people and teams increase performance and productivity through insight and impact.


"Your outside existence is a result of your inside insistence." ~ Malaika Simmons

Vedette Global

Media Specialist

Angel Tuccy is an Award-Winning Speaker, Radio Host, TV Producer, PR Media Specialist, and 15-times Best Selling Author. She teaches you how to do your own PR. With her help, her clients have been featured in thousands of major media publications, television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and stages Angel was awarded “Most Influential Woman of The Year”, “Best Morning Talk Show” and “Best Talk Show Team” during her 12 years in broadcasting. She’s been featured in the Marquis Who’s Who, on the cover of Lemonade Legend magazine, shares stages with top influencers, and has been the host of 3 daily talk shows. Angel is a best-selling author of 15 published books. She’s helped more than 200 entrepreneurs become published authors. Her top-selling book “Get Discovered” is a how-to example for creating media exposure in less than 90 days She shares some of the best ideas she learned from hosting over 2,500 broadcasts and interviewing over 5,000 guests. Her unique approach to media is why her clients call her the Media Matchmaker.


"When you have faith and you take action, the world shows up to support you, guide you, and create miracles." ~ Angel Tuccy

The Chundria Show Film & TV

TV Host & Filmmaker

Chundria Brownlow is a Chicago-based TV Host and Filmmaker. As a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television: Production/Directing and also completed an MBA degree at Western Governors University. Chundria runs a multimedia brand, The Chundria Show, which features video interviews, social chats, and original Film & TV projects The Chundria Show broadcasts on local TV nationwide and explores themes of love & relationships, lifestyle, wellness, and more The platform can be streamed on podcast platforms, such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more Chundria looks forward to telling more amazing stories through film and Television and intends to create more opportunities for talented people of color.


"You don't need motivation to take action." ~ Chundria Brownlow

BIBO Worldwide LLC, BeSpire TV, The BIBO Foundation

CEO | Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author | Executive Producer

Traci S. Campbell is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, executive producer, IT Consultant, CEO of BIBO Worldwide, LLC, and founder of two 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, the C H A M P Community Project and The BIBO Foundation. Hailing from her native Baltimore, she is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Computer Science She has worked with several corporate and academic clients in various cities and Silicon Valley including IBM, Mercury Interactive, McDonald’s, Sears, CSX Railroad, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago With over 14 years in podcasting and radio, she has hosted several programs that aim to educate, inform, and entertain! As CEO of BIBO Worldwide, LLC, she and her team help clients with radio, podcast, and streaming media exposure via the well-received BIBO Today digital and cable TV series, as well as the AM/FM radio and podcast show, The B Zone In 2022, the BeSpire TV streaming network was launched with marked early success. It is available on ROKU and Amazon Fire Streaming Networks It offers free access to numerous movies, tv shows, and more Traci is a dynamic talent and host She has interviewed the likes of veteran actors Harrison Page (Law & Order, CSI, JAG, and Grey’s Anatomy), and Tippi Hedren (iconic actress from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and “Marnie”, mother of actress Melanie Griffith) and Dee Wallace (veteran actress in iconic movies and shows such as “ET: The Extra-terrestrial,”, “The Howling,” and “General Hospital”). Recording artists such as Chilli of the Grammy Award-winning group, TLC VH1 stars Valery Ortiz (“Hit the Floor”) and politicians such as Senator Iris Y Martinez, the first Latina elected to the Illinois Senate She conducts celebrity interviews, highlights people helping communities throughout the US, and panel discussions that address a myriad of topics affecting teens and families including relationships, political, social, health, wellness, and business topics that especially affect women.

As founder of The BIBO Foundation, Traci and team produce the annual BIBO (Beauty In / Beauty Out) Awards which recognizes dynamic women demonstrating leadership in their communities and celebrates “real role models ” The BIBO Foundation educates and mentors budding female leaders from disadvantaged backgrounds via their S H Y NE Mentorship program.


"You don't need motivation to take action." ~ Traci S. Campbell

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich

LinkedIn Collaborative Marketing Strategist

For more than 25 years, Jerrilynn B Thomas, the founder of Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich, has assisted female solopreneurs in identifying and partnering with complementary women-owned businesses that can help them expand their reach Although the names of her websites and ventures may have changed, her focus has always been the same - working with collaborative-spirited women. The pandemic reinforced Jerrilynn's business path, as more women turned to her preferred online marketing platform, LinkedIn She leveraged her expertise as an active LinkedIn user to create a co-marketing program. Jerrilynn now dedicates her time to helping B2B women realize their full potential on LinkedIn by incorporating co-marketing with their female connections into their daily business activities Her personal mission is to facilitate collaborative marketing partnerships between 1 million female B2B entrepreneurs using LinkedIn.


“Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire & ambition; they’ll help you push for, and realize your own.” ~ Jerrilynn B. Thomas

Manifesting Miracles LLC

Manifestation + Mindset Coach, AwardWinning Podcast Host, Author & Speaker

From a young age, Michelle J. Lamont recognized she had a gift for praying, dreaming, and speaking into existence the life she wanted. All her experiences led her to become an award-winning podcast host, manifestation master, and spiritual life coach.

Despite enduring years fraught with abandonment and physical and emotional abuse, Lamont is a resilient chameleon who has reinvented herself several times as an entrepreneur, spiritual life coach, and motivational speaker.

Going from a failed suicide attempt to manifesting interviews with Oprah, Kim Kardashian, and Cindy Crawford, Lamont is devoted to showing anyone, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, that they have the power to create the life of their dreams.

Today, Lamont is a spiritual life coach who helps men and women remove their limiting beliefs so that they can manifest everything they desire. She does this through one-on-one coaching, clarity calls, workshops, and masterclasses In October 2020, her podcast Manifesting Miracles debuted as one of the top 100 downloaded shows in the spiritual and self-help category.

She reminds us that with the laws of the universe, including the law of attraction, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, and nature, we are all worthy of living a life based on truth, joy, and abundance.


"Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get it. This is physics " ~ Albert Einstein



Phyllis Marlene Benstein is an international speaker, multiple best-selling author, master connector, and beauty age management specialist showing others how to age gracefully and safely She does this as an expert that educates and raises awareness globally about the effects of toxins, and what to avoid and provides safer alternatives for beauty, self-care and wellness products thru Monat As an exit strategist, she shows others how to create their own economy with multiple streams of income With her own networking brand “Connect & Collaborate” networking chapters, she has a platform that gives business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow through owning, attending, speaking, or sponsoring networking events worldwide. Phyllis Marlene is a powerhouse and visionary that will connect you to great people and resources to grow and thrive.


"Enthusiasm is the electricity of life" ~ Gordon Sparks

Humans First Coaching and Consulting

Co-Founder of Humans First Coaching and Consulting, Founder of Fostering Hearts FL, Host of Not A Great Whisperer Podcast

Katy Rey is co-founder of Humans First Coaching and Consulting, founder of the non-profit Fostering Hearts FL, and host of a Tampa Bay-based podcast, Not A Great Whisperer. She has been a leader in the Sales and Marketing Industry for over 15 years and has worked with a wide range of technology conglomerates and forerunners Maintaining cultures, and solidifying and scaling processes during company growth or developmental periods is her passion fueled by a people-over-everything mindset She avidly prepares individuals for professional and personal growth leading them to an overall better quality of life. Katy’s vigor and enthusiasm presents itself in her interactions with others and speaking engagements. She unites herself with all different organizations to empower one another to live life authentically by owning their stories and not being defined by labels After experiencing multiple labels in her life that include a child of divorce, daughter of a homosexual man, felon, college graduate, spouse, infertile female, professional, mother of 3, wife of recovering addict, and survivor of infidelity she chose to maintain an unstoppable attitude and overcame the challenges in her path. She continues to dedicate herself to helping humans in any season of life and helping them achieve their life goals as a woman, mother, business owner, nonprofit founder, speaker, and coach.

Katy is the founder of the annual CelebrateYOU Event that brings people together to celebrate anything and everything you are!

Website: &

“You have 2 hands, one for helping yourself and one for helping others” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Bloom and Hustle, LLC

Social Media Confidence Coach

Jennifer Nichols is a social media confidence coach who has spent years helping clients create social media content while overcoming their fears, frustrations and excuses Her passion is helping people see their true potential and overcome whatever is holding them back from achieving it Jenn knows firsthand how to build confidence and create successful social media content because she’s done it herself - after overcoming her own fear of being in the public eye.


“Bravery is the ability to look fear and hurt in the face and say move aside, you are in the way. ” ~ Melissa Tumino

LFS Consulting LLC


As the owner of LFS Consulting LLC, which specializes in Leadership and Financial Success, Paula Jenkins helps bring hope to complicated life situations. Paula is a John Maxwell Certified Executive Director, DISC Certified Consultant, Certified Financial Coach, and Licensed for Everyone At The Table She coaches, trains, and teaches teams how to connect, inspire and add value to others Paula’s passion is leadership – developing, training, and empowering people with the tools and knowledge to improve as leaders Paula’s mission is to help teams and organizations develop successful leaders, understand the power of effective communication, and focus on increasing communication skills with the use of the DISC method. She truly believes leaders create more leaders!

Paula is a graduate of Tuskegee University (B S in Computer Information Systems) and DePaul University (MBA in Leadership and Change Management). She was the President of the Jack and Jill of America, Inc North Shore Chapter for 3 years She was on the board of the Chocolate Chips Association and volunteers with the Women United, Boys and Girls Club of Lake County, and Chicago HOPE. Before starting her company, Paula had a successful 20-year career in the corporate arena in various leadership roles in the HR Outsourcing and Benefits Administration industry Paula has received numerous recognitions as a strong and effective leader and has partnered with numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon Wireless, Aetna, CenturyLink, and many others Paula also served as president of one of the Business Resource Groups (B U I L D Blacks United in Leading Diversity) while working at Aon Hewitt. Paula lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and teenage daughter.

Website: https://lfsconsult com/

"People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you'll know exactly what to do." ~ Paula Jenkins

Embassy International Chamber of Commerce (EICC) & EICC Network

Affectionately known as Dr. Ursula D. in most circles, she is a highly respected entrepreneur and marketplace ministry leader Ursula also serves as the Chairperson and one of the original Founders of the Embassy International Chamber of Commerce (EICC), along with her duties as Chief Visionary of the recently launched EICC Network facilitating Chambers and Faith-Driven Entrepreneurship in black churches all around the world.

Ursula’s vision is to revolutionize the urban landscape via the urban inspirational/gospel industry touching the lives of individuals globally Her primary focus is to introduce and compel within the international marketplace – viable, relevant, Christ-centered, and positive arts, entertainment, media, music, and lifestyle preferences – to influence urban communities and audiences throughout the world.


“It's not enough to have people on the bus, but to have the right people in the right seats on the bus.” ~ Tim Collins, author Good to Great

International Community Hope Project Founder and CEO

Renita D Davis is a servant leader in the community and workplace She is an author, and professional coach, and has worked in the field of Social Work for 20 years. She provides coaching, and mentorship, and facilitates outsourcing services She is a highly motivated person with a love and passion to help those struggling with navigating through life

Renita has earned a Masters in Educational Leadership, Masters in Social Work, and a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, and holds a Type 73 and 75 certification and multiple certifications including, anger management specialist and positive parenting educator. She has been recognized and given multiple awards such as the Outstanding Service Award, Mentor Certificate of Appreciation, and All-Star Teacher Award In addition to the awards and certifications, Renita continues to enhance her skills and knowledge to best serve the communities in which she serves.

Renita has a passion for working in the community, helping children, and building families. With an empathetic ear and skilled guidance, she encourages and assists others to overcome personal and professional obstacles and challenges in life.

Her motto and mission statement: Meeting you where you are and helping to move you forward.


"I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong. " ~ Fredrick Douglass


Owner Director & Marketing Strategist

Gretchen Jayson is a successful 2x business owner, marketing strategist, business growth hacker, and wellness enthusiast She is an expert in creating magnetic marketing solutions for small businesses and solopreneurs who want to fill their businesses with clients that resonate with them. Gretchen's expertise lies in using strategic social media ads, marketing systems, and automation to help businesses achieve their goals Her systems can be used to market a business in general or to market particular services or course launches, among other things.

With her passion for wellness and entrepreneurship, Gretchen is committed to helping other business owners achieve success while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance She understands the challenges of running a business and strives to make the marketing process as seamless and stress-free as possible for her clients.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Gretchen's unique approach to marketing can help you achieve your goals and create a successful, thriving business.


"Never Stop Learning." ~ Author Unknown

MLP Professional Education & Development LLC

Wellness Consultant

Maria L Perryman is a native of Chicago, Illinois Maria received her Bachelor’s degree in Health; Safety Education and two Masters Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Reading and in Educational Leadership. As an educator, she has served as a classroom teacher, school literacy coach, Chicago Citywide Reading Coach, Assistant Principal, and National & International Conference Educator. Maria retired after 31 years from the education arena in 2017 to pursue her dreams outside of the four walls of the classroom In order to pursue her dreams Maria embraced entrepreneurship For the last few years, she has immersed herself in learning this new arena of business by establishing MLP Professional Education And Development LLC to empower women to live their best life physically, personally, financially & spiritually As a Wellness Consultant helping clients work towards getting off of their medications! She is also a Medicare & Life Insurance agent/broker. Her ebook Honor God with Your Body provides suggestions to others on how to live a healthy life based on everything God showed her to do while on her 2½ year Breast Cancer Journey She's a proud grandmother helping to plan a historic event taking place in Washington DC in Feb 2023 - National Black Grandmother’s Day! She has over 800 women in her Fb group working on reading through the Bible in a Year!! Recently she received the highest calling of the installation as Supervisor of Women of Zambia 1st Jurisdiction Churches of God in Christ. Called to serve! She’s a wife, mother, grandmother, breast cancer conqueror, author, retired educator & entrepreneur!


"She believed she could so she did." ~ Roald Dahl

Manifesting Miracles & Owner of Shear Passion Salon


Natasha Ickes-Saman is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion to help people reframe their challenges into opportunities so they can be happier and more fulfilled In her search to understand more about the human psyche, she obtained an Associate of Arts Degree in Social Science and a Professional Communications Certification from Harvard University Extension School. As founder of Shear Passion Salon, she annually spends over 2,000 hours speaking to well over 1,000 women about trauma, challenges, and adversity Those indepth conversations, as well as over 100 hours of classes and study in the fields of psychology and sociology, and reading countless books on the science of happiness, overcoming adversity, childhood trauma, and human psychology, gave her a unique perspective and viewpoint that she uses in her work today She is also the award-winning and best-selling author of Overcoming: A Journey From Pain to Peace, Purpose, and Power.

The success of her first release led to her speaking on stages all over the world from Paris to Italy and much of the United States. She is a TEDx speaker who will be delivering her 2nd TEDx talk in September of 2023 Her philanthropic work with people experiencing homelessness across the Bay Area, as well as her work as a facilitator for non-profit organizations such as Sistaaz Heal, led to a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Senate and a Certificate of Recognition from Contra Costa County in 2019 She also won an award from the 2022 Women Who Lead Conference Natasha is a regular contributing author for the Hudson Weekly and Los Angeles Tribune, as well as radio, podcasts, and T.V.


"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor." ~ Rumi

MsPsGFree Inc.


Lisa Lorraine Marsh is a retired Federal Law Enforcement officer who dedicated 27 years to her career in the field. After retiring in 2017, she founded MsPsGFree Inc, a health and nutrition company that offers gluten-free products Lisa's passion for promoting healthy living and good nutrition was inspired by the loss of her mother and sister to heart-related illnesses. She is committed to breaking the cycle of generational health issues in her family and promoting healthier living choices.

MsPsGFree Inc was founded in 2015 and quickly gained popularity for its delicious and nutritious products The company's gluten-free products are now available in 26 Whole Foods Market locations in and around Chicago-land and will take on an additional 44 Mariano's locations in April 2023, on Amazon, and on their ecommerce website. Lisa's dedication to providing healthier food options has earned her several accolades, including a UPS Ignite Grant and an IHeart Media Brilliantly Black Business Award She is also the recipient of the 2022 Kitty Fund from Founders First CDC; Lightbox Grant from the Maclyn Group, and just received the Nextdoor Kind Foundation’s Keep it Local Business Fund in partnership with the NAACP and Hello Alice.

Lisa's background in Law Enforcement Administration has given her a unique set of skills that she now applies to her work at MsPsGFree Her experience in the field taught her discipline, attention to detail, and the importance of planning and executing strategies. These qualities have been instrumental in the success of her business, which has continued to grow since its inception. MsPsGFree.


Be an Actionist, which means just dreaming about making a difference or growing a business doesn't cut it, you must take the necessary action to make it happen, and you must continue to take that action until you get what you want!

Humans First Coaching

CoFounder & Burnout Expert

Recently recognized by the NYC Journal as a Top Life Coach to watch out for in 2022, Amy Mangueira helps people all over the world bring clarity, direction, and positive habits into their lives by filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. A 4x entrepreneur with successful acquisitions under her belt, Amy has turned her focus to Humans First Coaching, a coaching network dedicated to guiding over 300 leaders in organizations on how to build healthy cultures, reduce burnout, take care of themselves, and put their employees first She also has a custom jewelry company that creates fine jewelry for runners, Victory Co Amy is also an author, her book, “The Path to Break-Free from Burnout,” is set to release in early 2023

As the host of the self-care podcast “Life on MY Terms,” bringing in thousands of listeners from across the world, Amy chats with experts to help listeners become 1% better and take charge of their lives.

An avid runner, Amy is soon to be one of the first 1000 women to complete the Abbott 6 World Major Marathon series When she isn’t running Amy volunteers as a coach and program sponsor for Girls On The Run, a national non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening girls’ social, emotional, physical, and behavioral skills to successfully navigate life experiences through running She lives in St Petersburg, Florida with her husband, son, and French Bulldog.

Website: &

“Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.” ~ Steve Maraboli

I Help Businesses and People Change their Paradigm!

Donna Bingham, a keynote speaker, leadership expert, and executive coach, leverages her real-world business acumen and experience to lead audiences and teams and leaders to overcome obstacles, break performance barriers, and maximize performance Creating a unique, powerful, and valuable experience that exceeds expectations inspires positive change and improves performance.

Donna’s keynotes and seminars promote high-performing cultures based on accountability, preparation, teamwork, and trust Audiences gain new skills and mindsets to adapt to change, overcome obstacles, lead with conviction, and build trust in their co-workers and partners. She is a motivational speaker that leverages her, sales and business experience into a transformational program that empowers leaders to take action and produce results Donna’s unique ability to build an emotional, inspirational, and relevant connection with her audiences gives her content a lasting impact. Her message transcended across top leaders, and global audiences and inspired them to action Donna’s message will continue to motivate, energize and create a culture of mutual support and change even after her presentation. As a Learning & Leadership Development Consultant, Donna has worked as a one-on-one coach and group workshop facilitator to organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies throughout the country in the technology, healthcare, non-profit, pharmaceutical, and consumer industries. Donna holds a Master of Business Administration in International Business from Tias Business School in The Netherlands, a Master of Business Administration from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, and a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.


The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ~ Nelson Mandel

Christine Wade & Company, LLC


Christine Wade is an operations and management expert with over 20 years in management for both brick-and-mortar businesses as well as online companies. She has a unique gift of looking at a company, talking to the founder, and finding out where any areas are that could be improved to get things running more efficiently through automation and systems while retaining the humanity in the business. Christine operates differently for her clients based on their unique needs For some businesses, she is a high-level consultant only, for some she consults and also setups up implementation and their systems, and for some companies, she does 90-Day Roadmap VIP Days...these are great to schedule with her quarterly so that you really get the effects of having an experienced COO in your business without the constant overhead expense.


"The best system to use is the one that you will actually use." ~ Christine Wade

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