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2-Time Cancer Survivor To Millionaire Publisher & Latina Pilot

Visionary Social Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist Dream Catcher

Jacqueline Ruiz is a visionary social entrepreneur that has created an enterprise of inspiration. With more than 20 years of experience in the marketing and Public Relations industry, she has created created two successful award-winning companies, established two nonprofit organizations, published 31 books, the largest collection of Latina stories in a book anthology series in the world, and held events on four continents She has received over 30 awards for her contributions and business acumen.

Jacqueline is currently the CEO of JJR Marketing, one of the fastest-growing top marketing and public relations agencies in Chicago, and Fig Factor Media, an international media publishing company that helps individuals bring their books to life Jacqueline is also the Founder of The Fig Factor Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to giving vision, direction, and structure to young Latinas ages 12-25 as well as the President of Instituto Desarrollo Amazing Aguascalientes, the first youth center in Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico, offering various hands-on experience, courses, and global connections to support the local troubled youth in defining their dreams.

Jacqueline currently serves as a board member for The Fig Factor Foundation, the Alumni Executive Board at the College of DuPage, and the World Leaders Forum. She is a recent graduate of the DePaul University Women Entrepreneurship Cohort 3 and the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Latino Business Action Network Cohort 11. She represents the 1.6% of women entrepreneurs with over seven figures in the United States Jacqueline is a cancer survivor and one of the very few Latina sports airplane pilots in the United States She believes that “taking off is optional, landing on your dreams is mandatory”

What is the most important challenge that you feel women face today?

I feel the most important challenge women face today is sitting at the table where big decisions are made We still have a long way to go to get recognized for our contributions to society.

What are your thoughts on a solution to this challenge?

Education, connection, mentorship, and sponsorship for the next generation- will be the key to changing the narrative and continuing to elevate our status.

What do you feel needs to change in the next 510 years when it comes to women making an impact on society?

I believe we need to continue to share our narratives in more spaces and more diverse environments. The more that our stories are shared, the more that we will be recognized and therefore invited to participate in important conversations.

What are your thoughts on a solution to this challenge?

Education, connection, mentorship, and sponsorship for the next generation- will be the key to changing the narrative and continuing to elevate our status.

I feel that sometimes, something has happened or triggered the desire to become an entrepreneur. What has been your greatest hurdle to overcome and how has this hurdle impacted you to live your best life?

I have had the desire to become an entrepreneur since I was a little girl, but did not know how to do it or when my opportunity would come Thankfully, I made it happen at 23 years old and my life has never been the same ever since. I am a cancer survivor twice and my first few years on this journey were amongst many health struggles, surgeries, procedures, and high-risk pregnancies. It was not easy, but I never gave up I have been an entrepreneur now for more than a third of my life. This is the life that I know. This is the life that has given me the abundance, opportunities, and magic that I dreamed of. It has allowed me to live the amazing life that I enjoy every day.

What was your breakthrough moment through all of this?

Surviving cancer for the second time at the age of 23 changed everything for me. It gave me a complete sense of urgency to serve others It gave me a sense of wanting to transcend and create a legacy Nothing has been the same since then. I renew my contract of gratitude with God for giving me an opportunity to live through my daily acts of kindness.

What is your greatest strength / superpower and how do you use it to elevate, educate and empower other female entrepreneurs?

My greatest superpower is the ability to elevate other women. I do this by the inspiration shared in my 31 books, the book series that I have published featuring hundreds of women, by taking women up in my small sports airplane (literally to soar the skies) and always taking time to consult/ connect with other women to accelerate their dreams.

How do you balance being a mother and a professional and what advice can you offer for other women?

I do not balance, I integrate my various roles that take place at different times. I would recommend others take time to plan their week, and their days to maximize the things they can accomplish and to be truly present within each of their roles.

What have you sacrificed (if anything) both personally and professionally in the various stages of your entrepreneurial journey?

I have sacrificed time with my family, time to enjoy for myself, etc, but it has been all worth it. I could not change anything for the world regardless of the many sleepless nights and headaches with certain clients.

What used to be your biggest weakness and how did you work through it to overcome it?

My biggest weakness was the ability to delegate to my first employees. I had no experience running a business, especially when I started it at only 23 years old. I grew frustrated at the ability of my team members to produce results when I was paying them but realized shortly after that the one with the issue was me. I did not know how to delegate and how to measure their impact I knew that I had to change. I started learning about creating processes, systems, and technology, and believe it or not, with the help of one of my interns, I was able to start the process Now, delegating is one of my strengths.

As you reflect on your journey, what are you most proud of and why?

* Becoming a pilot

* Becoming a millionaire

* Publishing 31 books

* Starting two successful businesses

* Starting a nonprofit that has impacted almost 250 young Latinas in the USA and Mexico

How do you spend most of your time?

Usually working with our clients, coming up with strategies, debriefing our team, checking on progress, measuring KPIs, creating campaigns, doing keynotes, flying airplanes, and many other activities.

Tell us a little about your family and what you do for fun?

I have a small family with two children: my son is 16 years old and my daughter is 16 years old. My husband and I have been together for 20 years, which is half of our lives We have been married for 18 years and working together as business partners for 16 years in both of our businesses. We have worked so hard over the years, but also played hard. I love to travel and fly small airplanes. I am one of the few sports airplane pilots in the United States. My husband loves to race sports cars on the track and do beautiful pieces of art We do a lot of fun stuff with the kids too!

To connect with Jacqueline, visit:

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