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The Role of Local Chapters In Your Community 

Providing A Foundation For Success 

There is an amazing quote from Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’m Possible.” Profound, yet so simple. As female entrepreneurs, we get so overwhelmed, we tend to forget who we are. Experiencing this myself, I wanted to find a way to come full circle to EMPOWER WOMEN to know their value and the true meaning of who they are. At the end of the day, they can say YES... I’m Possible! 

Our vision is that we strive to create value, make a difference and empower entrepreneurial women. We are committed to helping them realize their full potential by delivering high quality resources and providing educational experiences that makes everyone feel Elevated, Educated and Empowered. Role of


Local Chapters 

Local Chapters plan and conduct innovative activities tailored to the local needs of the community but designed to accomplish the IPWEC’s overall purpose and objectives of empowering female entrepreneurs by: 

  • Continually raising the level of professionalism in the entrepreneurial sector. 

  • Providing an effective networking environment for IPWEC Members 

  • Providing a local forum for continuing education. 

  • Providing mentorship and support system for female professionals. 

  • Creating a local resource for female entrepreneurs from B2B and B2C perspectives. 

  • Providing philanthropic opportunities for members. 

  • Growing IPWEC Chapter membership. Benefits Provided by Local IPWEC Chapters 

  • A Platform for Networking Combining a platform for both personal and professional development is the essences of building a well-rounded foundation for success. Having access to connect with other like-minded female entrepreneurs broadens your skill base and creates synergy. The relationships you build while networking and masterminding can be long lasting! 

  • Professional Development IPWEC Chapter Events allow members to expand their knowledge! Chapters events are tailored to the environment that they are experiencing in their local area while still offering programs on a national level. 

  • Provide a Local Resource While this is a national organization, local chapters are designed to be a resource to their local members. This forum creates an amazing B2B and B2C exchange of referrals, goods and services among members which becomes the collaborative! Additionally, the local chapters become a resource for the public. 

  • Professional Credibility Being involved in business associations creates credibility to their clients. 

  • A Safe Environment for Open Dialogue We value the relationships of our members. We want to make sure the members have a safe environment to share concerns they are facing in their businesses. The masterminds are protected by offering a Non—Disclosure Agreement, which protects the intellectual property of each member. 


Join Your Local Chapter Today

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