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Meet Zondra

Zondra Evans is a Life Transformation Advisor, Speaker and Author. She has over 40 years experience working in corporate environments in various leadership roles. She has an extensive background in Human Resource Management and Relationship Development.  Her main area of focus is to help women leaders and aspiring leaders earn a voice at the corporate table by better understanding how to leverage their personal energy in support of a desired career path and outcome.  Zondra is known to help women build the necessary skills to be revered as a respected leader and access one’s true power and potential. After years of mentoring others and working with her own life coach, Zondra was able to solidify her true purpose and establish a new mindset.

From there, she created a business model that helps others reframe their thinking and address barriers that may be causing anxiety, unwanted stress and frustration in one’s life.  She is a Motivational Speaker, Keynote and Emcee and is a captivating, compelling force on the platform, arming her audiences with current, creative and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills and personal growth.  

Why I"m Possible?

It is the type of forum that I wanted to be associated with as a small business owner.  Everyone needs a sounding board and that’s what I'm Possible is about.

What has "I'm Possible" done for you?

Provided a safe haven to discuss business challenges and leverage the knowledge and experience of others.

What do you hope to see happen?

That Female Entrepreneurs can come together, share our knowledge, build authentic long lasting business relationships, and become a true referral source for each others business.

What changes in business would you like to see?

Create a "Good Ol’ Women's "movement where we are genuinely looking out for each other,  with only one goal in mind “Success for All.”

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