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I’m humbly blessed to proclaim that I will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of my 30th birthday in March 2021, I have two amazing sons Keith and Kevin who are my legacy, a fur baby named Divo and have been married for over 34 years. Prior to having Divo, I had a fun ferret named Sebastian! I'm an Audrey Hepburn phenetic, a creative at heart and willing go against the grain when told I can't do something... Hence, the pic of me running. Side note... I was told I shouldn't run. I had three surgeries on my left hip (two being hip replacements). This picture was taken three years after the last hip replacement. And let me tell you, I had never run but for my birthday (on my birthday) I gifted myself a bucket list - to RUN A 5K and I only trained a whole 7 weeks for it! 


I come from a corporate background but knew something was missing because I’ve always had a creative side for as long as I can remember. I dabbled in different types businesses to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and eventually started my first “OFFICIAL” business in March of 1997 as a wedding & event planner; Sharon Ringier Events and I loved doing it. While building this business, I participated and joined various organizations and associations to hone in on my craft. However, I realized that there really wasn’t anything to help women in business. My search was all about how to bring the entrepreneurial world full circle with the personal world of being mom.

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Here was my epiphany... my AHA moment.  When in Rome, right? So, since I didn't have what I was looking for, I created it... a community of amazing dynamic women who were experiencing the same challenges I experience. I wanted to do something that would empower women. Believe me, I had no idea what that would look like at the time, but April 29, 2018 would be my newest creation – I’m Possible Women’s Empowerment Collaborative, Inc. was created, and we’re determined to spread the message to female entrepreneurs that they are possible.

Let's get Acquainted

I'd love to take a few moments to get acquainted and see how I can help you in your business. 

So feel free to schedule some time for us to connect. Just click on the link below!

I look forward to helping you take your business to the next level!

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