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Meet Sharon

Hello everyone!  I'm Sharon Ringiér.  Born and raised right here in the amazing Chitown... I'm a wife of almost 33 years; the mom of 3 - two son's (Keith and Kevin) and one fur baby named Divo!  I've always been that one to be a dreamer.  I've done various network marketing businesses and have worked in corporate america.  However, my passion to help people has always been my driving force and so I became a CEO of Sharon Ringiér Events where I planned weddings, corporate and social events!  Loved what I did, but wanted something more fulfilling and value added where I could encourage others to believe in themselves. Stumbled upon an organization called "The Event Planners Association" where I became the President for the Chicago Chapter and did that for 3-1/2 years before they decided to change the direction of the company and eventually sold.  I learned so much from being involved with EPA and wanted to continue helping others.  Hence... "I'm Possible!"  I am now the the Founder and CEO of the I’m Possible Women’s Empowerment Collaborative, Inc. 

Why I"m Possible?

"I'm Possible" started as a conference. After the conference, I wanted to continue and the feedback to continue was amazing! "I'm Possible" means so much to me... of course, the famous Audrey Hepburn quote, "Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says 'I'm Possible'."  But  let's go deeper... hopefully you know the story about Moses and how God told him to tell Pharoh to free his people. Moses asked God who shall I say sent me and God replied with two words... "I AM" two of the most powerful words in the dictionary and yet we use them so loosely!  Whatever we put after "I AM" is what we speak over out lives!  My hope is that we change the way we think of ourselves!

What has "I'm Possible" done for you?

When I started "I'm Possible," I felt that before I could truly help others, I needed to re-evaluate my current life situation and life practices; both personally and professionally!  It force me to change that negative self talk that I was telling myself and to forgive myself!

What do you hope to see happen?

My genuine prayer is to leave a legacy for women... we need to become a synergy - 1+1=3 instead of being competitive and petty! Women can be a powerful force, if we banded together, there's nothing we couldn't accomplish!

What changes in business would you like to see?

Seeing more communities of women coming together to create a more unified presence in the entrepreneurial space!

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