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Meet Patsy!

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Patsy Gallian is a highly experienced Medical Revenue Cycle Professional with specialties in a variety of sub-fields such as medical billing, durable medical equipment, and compliance. She has worked for several fortune 500 companies over the past 25 years in the industry, she has come to be known as an efficient and integral part of a company.  At the age of 12, Patsy’s mother passed away from cancer, and she vividly remembers her father sitting at a table in their home trying to make sense of all the bills they had received. At that moment she knew she wanted to help others in her father’s position and to help relieve some of the stress from families who have been impacted by cancer. Patsy graduated from Colorado Technical University with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and hit the ground running.  This realization eventually blossomed into a successful career in the medical industry, specifically in the sub-field of Oncology.  She has been responsibility for ensuring steady revenue streams, she has managed and maintained monthly revenue of $85 million a month.  This is no easy task to sustain revenue stream and maintain governmental regulations. Patsy is a natural leader and innovator within and outside of her professional career and has developed a reputation for increasing efficiency and improving processes.

Patsy is now embarking upon a new career venture, she is now a business owner.  She is aiming to use her 25 year of corporate experience to now focus on new business setup and sustainable growth.

Patsy is married to Dwaine for over 30 years with two grown sons, one daughter in-law, and one grandson.  In addition to travel, family and her fur family, she loves watching sports and restoring antique furniture. She is a lifelong New Orleans Saints fans and was over the moon when they won the Superbowl in 2010 for the 2009 season.  Patsy’s is also very active as a Bible education teacher; her faith is primary in her life.

Why I"m Possible?

Because "I'm Possible" means me.  I have come to realize that the time is right for me to collaborate with other business minded women with the aim of enhancing my business present. I have devoted many years within corporate america promoting organization's missions and visions, which I do appreciate.  It is now time for me to step away from corporate and work on building a business that is based on dedication, integrity and a genuine love of helping others. 

What has "I'm Possible" done for you?

I'm possible allows me the platform to begin the process of stepping out of corporate america and establishing my own business. Collaborating and Partnering with other women for a common goal of enhancing our business knowledge by networking and professional development, what more can you  ask for? This is a wonderful opportunity for me, and it is right on time.

What do you hope to see happen?

We have a group of very smart women that have a lot to offer professionally, my hope is to see this professional growth within our chapter.  As VP of Education, I will take the lead in securing  relevant and practical education that will benefit us as a collective group.  I hope to see women truly networking and collaborating for a common goal which is to empower themselves in business. 

What changes in business would you like to see?

Their was a time when you would see businesses support each other and worked together.  Because of this support more individuals were able to see themselves owning there own business especially women.  I would like to see more mentoring and generational support and less generational divisions among women in business, we all have something to offer.

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