Dr. Nakita Nicci McGraw is a Forbes List Recipient, former Bravo Television Personality, Journalist, Amazon Best Selling, published author, Director of Communications for Illinois State Senate, 15th District and the owner-operator of High Society Management. Dr. Nicci caught worldwide attention as the star of Bravo Televisions To Rome for Love. Since living abroad, Dr. Nicci has written over 30 relationship articles for Rolling Out Magazine, The Six Brown Chicks, and more. Revamped during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dr. Nakita Nicci uses her influence and resources to help small businesses worldwide grow. 

Additionally, Dr. Nicci is a 15-year award-winning public relations professional, a certified media and small business coach, TEDx speaker, a best-selling author, and a freelance journalist for several national publications.


She holds a certification from the fully accredited MIZ CEO Society of Coaches, an MBA from Concordia University, and as of 2020, she received her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and working on entering the political world as an elected official to help bring more resources to women. 


Dr. Donna Smith Bellinger is the CEO of DS Bellinger Consulting, LLC and has enjoyed more than 40 years of corporate leadership experience. She is a strategic, no-nonsense sales consultant who is committed to driving results for her clients.


Having worked in both corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, Donna is familiar with both worlds and well versed in the challenges each sector faces, as well as how to overcome those challenges.


Engaging, humorous, and unfiltered, her ability to relate to prospects in both sectors and “speak their language” has made her successful as a sales professional, and that’s the secret she teaches her clients. She simplifies the sales process, and her clients learn how to have better sales conversations, create more effective sales processes and close more deals. In addition, Donna has taught at Columbia College Chicago, is on the Advisory Board of Oakton Community College, and was awarded both a Doctor of Philosophy (Honors Causa) and the Business & Entrepreneurship Coach Certificate by the T.I.U.A. School of Business Honors Program.


Vanessa Rae (Beggs) is a creative and healing arts renaissance woman, from the SF Bay Area. She began as a young child on her unique spiritual path, developing her gifts of intuition, voice, and fascination with esoteric ideas and human potential, (which, at the time she didn't have the words for). These have blossomed throughout her entire life and continue to. Her path has lead to multiple trainings from Holistic Massage, Master Reiki Practitioner, Applied Kinesiology, Spiritual Counseling, Yoga Siromani, Integrative Coaching, Certified Bereavement Doula Training, to a music degree from Mills College and many expressions of music making, including several hundred original songs, as well as performances.


For most of 2021, Vanessa worked directly with world-renowned Marianne Williamson and became one of the few certified Miracle-Minded Coaches in the world. Vanessa has been a student of the Law of Attraction since 2006 and A Course in Miracles But her education and professional experience are only half of what qualifies Vanessa Rae to do the work she does. The depth of her experience comes from powerfully transforming many personal hurdles. Vanessa has overcome an eating disorder/bulimia, depression, dysfunctional and abusive relationships, shopping addiction, loss of a baby, and self-destructive and sabotaging behaviors. Vanessa has drawn on her rich spiritual life as well as her studies in the Law of Attraction and A Course in Miracles, along with the aforementioned healing modalities to champion herself into where she is now. As a resilient, confident, happy, successful and vitally healthy woman now, Vanessa has created a life of ease, beauty, magic and fun! She currently lives happily with her soulmate in PA, creating her dream music in their new musical project Veruse. Vanessa helps women and girls end the battle with food, their body's, the mirror and themselves with her business Vanessa Rae of Light, so they can claim their perfect weight, food freedom and real confidence. Vanessa Rae is also the host of the podcast and video show The Divine Body Align, helping women and girls to come home to themselves and feel right in their own skin. Lastly, Vanessa is a blessed mom of her beloved daughter Violet.

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Melissa Vande Kieft is a best-selling author, speaker, and Founder of Living in the Wait, a resource created to help women find purpose in the process.


She encourages us to be brave to discover the details God is orchestrating and designing through every life experience. Melissa’s a huge fan of encouragement, meeting new people, and thank-you notes.


In her spare time, you’ll find her exploring the great outdoors or watching college sports with her husband and daughter. Read more at www.livinginthewait.com and follow her @livinginthewait.


Dr. Candace Drummond has a mission to improve the occupational and mental health of moms and mompreneurs everywhere, featuring services offered by the AViD Intellectual, Inc. and her Momscapades brand.


As a long-time mental health and psychological services provider, she is uniquely aware of the self-care and financial challenges that push most moms and mompreneurs to burn out. As a Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she can conceptualize even the most complex cases and provide strategic planning to best assess, evaluate and treat various mental health maladies.


As a Licensed Insurance Agent she can help mompreneurs plan for the future while building wealth for future generations. As a Registered Tax Return Preparer, she can help you understand the benefits of business ownership and guide you to the best corporate structures for your goals.


Finally, as a mom, she can better understand your unique needs and help you to create the work-life balance you need.

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Amy Wilhelmi is a successful multi-entrepreneur as the founder of Balance Wellness Collective and Ascension Mentality, business & performance coach at Strategic Voyages Business Consultants, and Licensed mental health therapist.


As a speaker, author, and athlete, she is on a mission to become a global go-to thought leader in making mental health for athletes normalized, approachable, and accessible. As an athlete herself, she “gets” the mental health struggles, challenges, mentality, and grit it takes to perform at such a high level. Amy believes in the power of mental fortitude and the many possibilities inside individuals to level up and live their best lives.


Within her work, Amy encourages the power of connection and the development of raw, transparent, and truth-telling storytelling that helps the clients themselves and helps others who are going through similar struggles. Amy sees an athlete’s unique abilities such as supreme concentration, commitment to excellence, drive and motivation, goal setting, positive mindset, optimism, confidence and self-belief, communication skills, and high-quality relationships.


She uses these superpowers and innate abilities to teach athletes to become more mentally resilient and overcome mentality challenges many of them face by sharing her personal story of being a licensed therapist, performance coach, athlete mindset and mentality coach, and bikini bodybuilder, as well as sharing stories of others, Amy hopes that she can change the outlook for athletes so they have better mindsets, performance outcomes, and don’t feel like they’re struggling alone.


She is also the author of her book “Making Mental Gains.” This book is for individuals who feel stuck in their lives, both personally and/or professionally. There are no hacks or gimmicks here. In her brazen, get-it-done style, Amy shows you how to move forward out of apathy through your everyday lifestyle habits, mindset, and belief system.


Her second book called “Ascension Mentality” comes out later this year and tells the story of her own journey through being a high performer, the challenges she’s had throughout her life, and how she persevered through those challenges to be the person she is today. For more information about Amy Wilhelmi, visit www.amywilhelmi.com.