Want to create a local chapter?

We're looking to change how the world views entrepreneurship!  In order expand to accomplish this, we need dynamic female leaders with the following qualities:

  1. Motivated by making a difference in other people’s lives

  2. Passionate about entrepreneurs

  3. Understands, and is both comfortable and effective with business networking

  4. Ideally, has experience as an entrepreneur; 

  5. Believes; really believe in cooperation as their main mode of doing business and navigating life

  6. They’re self-motivated and self-managing.


If this is you, then please apply to start a chapter in your city.  It's an easy process and we walk with you every step of the way!

Our Vision

Helping female entrepreneurs build a legacy by creating generational wealth for not just their lives, but also the lives of their families as well as their communities.

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10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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